Claymore. Dark shonen manga

Claymore is a dark manga written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi. In a medieval world, a powerful  monsters called Yomas  eat people. So, the humans created a women half human half monsters, called Claymores (or silver eyes witches) to kill the monsters. The problem is if the girls use too much Yoma power and pass the limit, they convert to monsters too...
I had to admit, its a very very bloody manga.
Claymore 2 - Page 23

Its dark, dismal and violent, but in the other hand the plot is very interesting. Clare, the protagonist, is a distant and quiet claymore, who acts for revenge a friend of the past.... Also, the Claymores attempt to suppress his human side, because they are monsters for the humans, too.Claymore 14 - Page 19
I love it, and if you like battles, warriors, blood and a good history, its your manga. The anime is quite good, but the plot is changed and its more....colorful xD

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Looks good, where did you first hear about this?

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